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Professional certification pathways for educators, safer and more effective programs for educational organizations.

who we are

Skateboarding made simple, safer, and more accessible for everyone.

At USSEA, our mission is simple: we’re making skateboarding accessible to everybody and providing a professional pathway for anyone teaching skateboarding at any level, from beginner to world championship status.

We’ve teamed up with leading experts in sports, physical fitness, psychology, education and athlete development to design an innovative, industry-best process helping educators teach skateboarding at the highest level.  

We provide the right resources for anyone who's passionate about helping others improve their skateboarding skills to expand their career opportunities and satisfy the needs of parents and organizations looking for safer, reliable, top-tier coaching education.

For organizations, we offer the most comprehensive package of training materials and classroom curriculum on the market, enabling seamless integration of high-quality skateboarding instruction into any public or private program.


USSEA: where credibility meets certification, safety meets trust, and every skateboarder finds a welcoming and accessible community.

Certified excellence

Turn your passion for teaching skateboarding into a viable career path with the gold standard certification that’s proudly leading the way in skateboarding education.

Exclusive partnerships

We’re the exclusive coach certification organization for all levels of USA Skateboarding competitions, from entry-level to the X Games and world championships.

Safety and trust above all

Safety is our top priority. Anyone who’s USSEA-Certified has had to pass a rigorous written and practical exam, complete with full certifications for CPR, first aid, concussion awareness and a criminal background check.

Skateboarding for everybody

We provide educators with the resources to help people with all levels of ability, including individuals with physical or mental challenges and people with a high BMI, experience the joy of learning to skateboard.

Passion-driven leadership

We’re all lifelong skateboard educators here. Learn from our legacy of passion, expertise, and love for the skateboard community.

Thriving community

We're empowering the next generation of skateboarders through a community that thrives on passion, respect, accessibility, and first-rate skill.

Kristen Rizzera

“I heard about Learn to Skateboard Day from my local paper and thought it would be a good reason to get the kids out of the house. I wasn’t expecting the lessons to be so accessible to my kids who came to the event never having stepped on a skateboard. They had so much confidence leaving the event that I had to buy them boards right away so they could keep practicing. It’s really great to see how much this one event did to get my kids off the couch!”

Devon McCabe

After adopting the USSEA curriculum, I was able to confidently help my students more safely and more quickly.


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